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Welcome to Liberty’s Torch, the new home for libertarian, and classical liberal action. The aims of Liberty's Torch are ambitious, far reaching, and will likely be ever evolving. The primary focus of this site is to break the mold of choir-preaching, and focus on spreading the fires of liberty. This will be accomplished by a two-pronged attack: education and action.


People are horribly ignorant about the concept of freedom. It is used primarily by the state as a buzzword to make Americans feel fortunate, content, and quiet, while government speeds toward tyranny at home, and brazenly exports despotism and conquest abroad. Most have no idea what could be truly be accomplished by economic and social liberty. The masses continue to labor under assumptions fed to them by the state, and a complicit media.

We seek to awaken them from this drug-induced coma with simple truth about the true nature of government, and its violent, wasteful, and ultimately destructive nature. This will be accomplished through various programs and Operations, some executable through a simple volunteering of time and effort, others costing money. But the Projects we will be unveiling in the coming weeks are extremely exciting, quite ambitious, and will be devastatingly effective.

Keep an eye on our Action and Project links in the coming days and weeks to see our vision, and check out our various approaches to dealing with the freedom crisis.


Liberty's Torch exists to actually get things done for the cause of liberty. We are about action. Our primary goal is to change the conversation in America from "what should the government do?" to the proper question, "Why doesn't government get out of the way?" Government can't is our multi-applicable mantra, and the point we must get across.

It has been suggested by well-meaning freedom fighters that letters, calls, etc., are an ineffective waste of time. In truth, unorganized, random, and occasional letters and phone calls do nothing. Concerted campaigns of letter-writing and phone calling--whether to elected officials, pencil-pushing bureaucrats, or fish wrap editors (and their online counterparts)--are extremely effective as the first failure of the "bailout" demonstrated.

Calling and writing newspaper editors, IRS employees, and the Den of Thieves known as Congress is just the beginning. As our ranks swell, the participants in Liberty's Torch projects will be able to provide a show of force to every major attempt at a new or increased government action, whether at the federal, state, or local level.

Fluoride going into the water? We will make sure the defenders of liberty are there. The State building a new, hyper-expensive welfare distribution office? We'll have people on the ground in protest. Bureaucrats demanding a raise? Our people will make sure "hell no" is the only conversation on the issue.

Imagine how quickly we can change the conversation if newspapers, television and radio stations, etc. are swamped with calls and letters opposing more government, and hundreds or thousands of people show up to demonstrate the new or increased state action.

Sound improbable? It should--among those with a cause, libertarians and fellow travelers are both the most passionate, and the laziest. We don't protest, we don't write or call anyone on many issues, hell, we rarely even vote. But despite that sad commentary, the Projects of this organization will succeed where most others have miserably failed. The reasons for such optimism are two-fold:

Our causes have lacked organization. The best we have had are letters from the LP, or from Michael Cloud, et. al., encouraging calls and letters on the usurpation du jour, or similar suggestions from a email listserv or on a pro-liberty blog. The crisis we are warned about with these methods must be verified, which takes time and effort. Once real, the issue must be researched, and it must be prioritized in terms of its net threat to liberty. Then, if we are lucky, a few people might make a call, write a letter, or complain to the guy on the next bar stool. This is a horrible approach to the fight for freedom.

Liberty's Torch proposes a simple, yet effective approach to action: a hierarchy of organizers who will coordinate political action among those who share our values. Resisters, the rank-and-file grunts who form the backbone of our effectiveness will be contacted by Partisans, who maintain points of contact (primarily email addresses) and coordinate real-time action, whether in person letter-writing campaigns, meet-ups, protests/counter protests, etc.. The Partisans execute their plans after being contacted by one or two person teams of Revolutionaries. These are the people who oversee entire Projects or urgent calls to action.

The reason direct action works so well when coordinated is that media outlets, and especially elected officials, know that very few people will sit down and bang out an email, regardless of their feelings. Fewer still will write or type a letter, seal an envelope and drop it in the mail. Therefore, a single letter, or even several, don't symbolize much of the voting public. Scores of letters raise concern, especially if they are of an angry, demanding nature. Hundreds of calls, letters, and faxes could easily represent the views of enough votes to unemploy a politician, and at that point most will obey.

This approach will work doubly well in conjunction with the second reason our vision will be realized: conjunctive effort.

Conjunctive Effort

The Chris LeDoux song, This Cowboy's Hat opens with a short, spoken summarizing of why we fail:

Well there's always been groups of people that could never see eye to eye... an' I always thought if they'd get the chance to sit down and talk face to face they might realize they got a lot in common...

Who could stop the rising tide of freedom if we fought together? Imagine the average gun owner fighting for the rights of the average pot smoker. Division is our Achilles heel. The differences in priority and personality are often illustrated to keep us from the realization that we fight for the same thing.

None of us truly fight for low taxes, for gun rights, for medical marijuana, against licensing requirements, or in opposition to various forms of socialism. We fight for one thing: for liberty--primarily for the right to be left alone.

Liberty's Torch, in both its educational, and action efforts will actively encourage working together with any people or groups who share our views on the topic at hand--regardless of their other views or positions. This is a hard pill for some to swallow, but freedom is more important that one's personal views on a topic.

How much more could be accomplished in the fight for freedom if we suspended our bigotry and welcomed more and more people into our ranks as we pressure and embarrass government into the realization that it serves at our pleasure?

We need each other. We need to stop thinking of freedom in terms that we like, forsaking it when the muzzle of government points at those we detest. One need not favor the concept of gay marriage to see that government should get out of the marriage license business. One needn't like the ACLU's opposition to public nativity scenes, but most of us respect their opposition to secret prisons, warrantless searches, and enforcement of vague or secretive laws.

Put simply, if you don't like guns, don't own one. If you oppose drug use, don't use drugs. But it is leviathan government that threatens us all. And the ancient Arabic proverb has never been more true or applicable than now:

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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